Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's almost THAT time again....are you ready?

I sat down with my morning cup of coffee, and started browsing around online...when I should have been doing my bible study. Even so, it was worth while, because, I found a bunch of FREE resources! As I am gearing up for NOT back to school, and trying to figure out what curriculum we are going to use still and look into different things for lesson planning and such, I was really excited to find these resources. Especially as a first year homeschooler. Who DOESN'T love free, useful, stuff! So here's the link, it's on the free page, in The Old School House Store. I'm getting them on my iPad, so I can read them in iBooks! :) If you click around on that site, you can find a link to a free digital copy of the Summer 2011 magazine too! Or just stop by my facebook and follow the link. Happy Reading! Enjoy, and let me know if you decide to get anything!

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Shawntele said...

I love free homeschooling resources, too! I have been working on our lesson plans & they are starting to come together, thankfully since we are starting back up on August 15th.