Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hello Mornings...Action Plan

So part of "maximizing your mornings" is having a plan for doing's mine...for now at least. :)

*Action Steps
1. What time will you wake up? 5:45 am
2. What time do you need to go to bed to make sure you still get
enough sleep? No later than 11.
3. Collect all the items you need for your morning time:
- Bible
- Highlighter
- Computer
- Coffee Cup
- Phone
- Ear buds
- Sports wristwatch with stopwatch
- Workout clothes
- Hair Tie
- Socks
- Tennis Shoes
- Worship Music
- Journal
- Water bottle
4. Set my phone alarm.
5. My cousin and the twitter #hellomornings group, as well as my blog readers will be my accountability partners.

Quiet time schedule
1. Old worship practice CD...and christian music playlist that is on my phone...I am going to add my favorite worship CD to it as well.
2. Currently using "Biblical Motherhood" as my study as I try to finally complete it.
3. Print a prayer calendar. I printed the one from the resources.
4. Be quiet and listen.

Goal: Compete in Triathlon on 7/17 and finish, and preferably not finish last.
Run 5 miles without stopping by the end of the summer.
Lose 10 lbs. (I will set a new goal once I reach this.)
*Action Steps:
1. List all the ways you could possibly exercise.
- Run outside around the property perimeter
- Run outside on a route I've mapped out when Jason is home.
- Ride my bike on a route I've mapped out in our neighborhood.
- Swimming at the Rec
- Open water swimming at the beach
- Stationary bike at the rec
- Running the track at the reck
- PS3 Active2
- Workout video or show from my collection or Netflix
- biking or rollerblading or running on the trail at Rowden Park

2. Specifically Plan Your Workout - Pick the video you want to work
out with. Decide how long you will ride the stationary bike. If you’re
running in your neighborhood, pick your route.
What: Running or biking
Where: around my neighborhood or my property
When: In the morning before the kids get up, and then again after hubby get's home from work.

3. Create Your Habit - What is the 1 thing you’ll try to do
EVERYDAY? Mine is my 5 minute workout. Yours could be walking
around your block or 50 jumping jacks. Anything that will help you
to develop the fitness habit. Remember to keep it simple.

Habit Workout: Running Ladders in my backyard for 5 min. or 5 sets of V-ups...starting with 3 reps each.

Join in with me...go get your copy of the e-book...get in better shape, be more productive, experience Joy you can only get from God, and blog about your "Action Plan." Then come back here and leave a comment letting me know you did so I can check out your plans too! :)

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Christin said...

Ugh, working out is my nemesis. You'll be lucky if you see me walking these days. Which is odd because I used to love working out.

I need to really get focused in the mornings. I fleet my time away too much and I need to stay focused.