Sunday, January 31, 2010

I want to change the world

I really do, and I really believe I can. I don't mean in some mind boggling way, but more that, there was some subtle change that when people think about it, they attribute it to me. I recently read a book where the author called herself "big idea girl" and I can't tell you how much that describes me. I have so many grand ideas, plans and goals, and I have always believed that the only person in my way is myself. The only person I need to get there is myself, but now I'm not so sure that that's true, but I'm really hoping it is. I realize that I'm rambling as I often do, but I was watching a movie and a quote got my wheel's turning, and I just had to write. "As long as people can change we can change the world." What a powerful statement. As long as we can be persuasive, and endearing, factual, and compassionate, maybe, just maybe we can change this life for the better, in so many aspects. It's a nice thought isn't it...but then I go to the last part of the quote "what if people can't change." That's the real question "can we, or can't we?" I hate it, but it's who I am to the core, and I can't help but be hopelessly optimist and say yes. Even though so many life experiences have taught me otherwise; if people can change for the worse, can't there also be those who change for the better? *sigh* Now the real prove it.