Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Story That Needs ToBe Told

"I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ." Philemon 6

My journey in singing started when I was very young. I was still in elementary school. I entered a "when I grow up" speech contest...and I WON! Well...I won the first round. I went to the semi-finals, and there, I placed 3rd. I was one of the youngest students in the competition, if not the youngest. What did I write about? Much to my family's surprise, I wrote about becoming a singer. My parents thought I wanted to be a vet, or a dancer, but definitely NOT a vocalist.

Partly due to my parents shock, partly due to teasing from peers, and mostly due to my self doubt, I didn't re-visit this dream for many, many years.

When I entered highschool, I got involved with the drama club. I L-O-V-E, love singing, acting, and dancing, so I was so excited to be involved. After performing in my first musical, Kismet, I was hooked.

I became a closet vocalist. I found that cheerleading helped me find, and develop my voice because it helped me learn to support it. I finally got the courage to sing in front of people a few times. I shook horribly the first time, but I vowed to keep making myself perform in front of others until I was comfortable with it.

Fast forward...I've done talents shows, and contests, and sang on a couple different church worship teams (which I LOVED) but nothing has really happened with my singing. As much as I would like to make a career out of it...I can't see that ever happening. I prayed for God to take the desire off my heart and out of my mind so that rather than be sad over it, I would never think of it again.

He said no.

I was confused. I didn't know why God would have me continue to do something that I couldn't be successful at. Too often I forget that I am incapable of seeing the big picture, and that I need to just put all my trust in my Father.

Our local festival, which is held annually, was on the horizon, and they always hold a singing competition. I was going to skip it this year. God kept bringing it back up. I finally said "Fine! I will do it. I have no idea what I will sing though." He said I would sing a Christian song to help spread the message of our savior Jesus Christ so that other's might be saved. Ok...but what song. "Here I am to worship" came to mind, but I dismissed it because it is SO popular. The next day Jason told me he thought I should sing the same thing. That was confirmation enough for me. So...I will be singing "Here I am to Worship"...A Cappella. I'm not even sure I know all the words. I've only been able to practice it a few times...but, as He reminds me often, because like a toddler I'm constantly forgetting...It's not about me!

So I will sing my heart out, and pray that I win even one more life for Jesus. If I advance in the competition...wonderful, my song for every round is a Christian choice, and I feel at peace because I truly am not competing for myself this time, which is a wonderful feeling. I pray that God will use me, and that I will bring glory to His name.

I really feel that God is telling me I will be using my singing for something. I am going to try my best to just ride the wave and see where it takes me. I know as long as it's all for His glory, it has to be good! I'll try to update with pictures, and how it goes. :) Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!

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Christin said...

Oh I hope you got to sing! If not, don't lose hope...He has a place for you!

I feel about writing the way you do about singing!!!! Hence...the birth of my blog last year. :)

Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

awesome! I love the way you speak from your heart and aren't afraid to share your imperfections- that in and of itself is a testimony. God will use you for sure because - you are willing. That's all He needs! I had a time once where I literally looked up and said "Fine!" also- I'll have to tell you about it sometime. . .

Mrs.Haggie810 said...

Thanks or the encouragement, and for stopping by! I would love to hear about it!