Saturday, July 9, 2011

Homemaker's Challenge

Hot Spot 1: Kitchen Counter

This weeks Homemakers Challenge is to work for 5 min. twice a day on your "catch all" spot. Well, I have several catch all spots, so I decided to focus on 2 in my kitchen. The challenge is for a week, and ends next Thursday. If you want to join up, click on the post title, or the "Homemakers Challenge" Button on the side bar. :) I'll post my before pictures today and then *hopefully* update once at the beginning of the week, and once on Thursday with the final results.

Hot Spot 2: Kitchen Island


Christin said...

Woot! You can do it!!!

Leigh said...

I can't wait to see if a few minutes a day will help to get these hot spots under control. :) I have been so amazed at what a few minutes twice a day will do for my dining room table. Look forward to seeing your after pictures!

Lacinda said...

Oh yah, I have spots in my house that look like that too. I'm really looking forward to tackling this week's challenge. I just read it today, so I'm a bit behind, but I think that even 3 days of 10-minute decluttering will help.

Mrs.Haggie810 said...

You can do it Lacinda! Even 3 days will make a big difference! :)