Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello Mornings!

Inspired to action started a series called "Hello Mornings" and now Michelle oveer at "So I married a Menonite..." is hosting the current series I think which goes from 5/15/11 to 8/15/11...well, you know me...I'm a "make up my mind and jump off the bridge" kind of gal, and now that I've decided I want to start trying to get up early again, and get back into my routine, I read the e-book and I'm starting today...because if I wait until August to make the commitment, it won't happen. I've already been getting up early sometimes, and I have been doing so for a few years now, so really it's a matter of getting organized, and being intentional about it.

I can do this!

So, of course my next question to join me? I'd love some accountability, and for others to know the joy and accomplishment of rising early, spending time with the Lord and being productive.

I can do this.

Some favorite quotes from the FREE e-book by Kat that you can find by clicking the "Inspired to Action: Hello Mornings" button in the right side bar... "Inertia is a law of physics that states, “An object in motion
tends to stay in motion and an object at rest tends to stay at rest.”
Get in motion. There’s nothing like starting the day with your kids
knowing that you’ve already exercised, prayed, and planned. And it
makes you want to continue being focused and intentional."

Lord, I pray to practice the law of Inertia so that I may remain in motion for you!

So I've realized I really like exclamation points. It reminds me of the Beth Moore study "Living Beyond Yourself," when she said that she is just so excited about things that she severely overuses exclamation points. I am the same way. I'm not yelling, promise...I'm just giddy with excitement!


Another quote from the e-book I thought was great..."Success is most often a by-product of faithfulness." What an awesome notion.

So go! Get you FREE e-book, be inspired, join me, maximize your mornings, grow and cultivate your relationship with the Lord, get into an awesome new habit, have fun, and join me so we have some accountability along the way!

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Christin said...

Oh yay! I can comment! I think Networked Blogs was the issue.

Anyways...yay! Welcome aboard!!!

Mrs.Haggie810 said...

Yay! Glad it's working now!