Saturday, November 29, 2008

Selena's Owl has landed!

An owl has landed from Selena, and man did he have to be strong, b/c I got the mother load!

List of all items...
My box of my FAVORITE, Ferrero Rocher Chocolates
Knitpicks sz. 6 straights, they're so pretty!
a skein of tofutsies yarn
2 skeins of knitpicks yarn in house colors
Charmed knits book (soo awesome!)
A sweet little time with goodies in it
Tin goodies: goats-milk soap, lip balm, a mood ring, reusable shopping bag, a chocolate frog, beads for putting in my knitting or for stitch markers, and I want to say a candle. Best of all the lip balm and soap are organic!
An AWESOME felted project bag. It's absolutely gorgeous! I love it!
A pretty celestial print scarf
glow in the dark constellation stickers
a fun orange loofah dish sponge
a solid green tea lotion bar
and a sweet, little pack of super cute notecards, I think they are made of recycled paper!
Thank you so much Selena! I love everything!

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Selena Starfire said...

I'm glad you like everything! Tofutsies is my favorite spring/fall sock yarn, so I just had to share some - especially when I found some that was so close to Gryffindor colors. Hope you have fun!