Monday, November 3, 2008

Not me Monday....

Joining in the fun from Susie's blog , which orginates at MckMama's blog, I am going to take part in "Not Me Monday."

I did not resort to just brushing and french braiding my hair before we went out to dinner last night with my in-laws even though I REALLY needed a shower.

I did not let the various children that were at my house all weekend (my own children, my sort of niece who is in my daycare, and my two nephews) jump on the beds in the daycare room whenever they wanted as long as they were careful just so I could get some stuff done.

I did not clean out three pumpkins with my husband at 11:00 at night on the 30th, only to actually carve one in time for Halloween, and I most certainly did not put all the pumpkins out on my porch, one of them only having one single triangle eye carved out of it!

I most certainly did not finish sewing my childrens Halloween costumes on Halloween night, only to have DD's be too small, and DS's have to big of a neck, which caused us to only be able to trick or treat for 1/2 an hour.

It definitely WAS NOT me who fell off the wagon and bought a gorgeous tie dye dress and matching t-shirt for my kids.

And, there's no way it could have been me who's been trying to make the same meal for dinner for a week now, but who's missing one ingredient so it still hasn't happened yet!


Anonymous said...

OMG, I'm so sorry but I had to burst out laughing about the costumes... I had similar issues with my boys!
Ravenclaw house

Selena Starfire said...

I've seen this "Not Me" character before - he looks a lot like a ghost, doesn't he? I hope he doesn't cause trouble at Hogwarts!