Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So, I'm on a site called Ravelry and in one of the groups I'm in there, a friend of mine mentioned that she was going to be joining in on KCWC on one of the blogs she follows! What is KCWC...Kids Clothes Week Challenge! I decided to check it out since I always have visions of grandeur and hopeless illusions of what I plan/want/hope/wish I can get done for my kids as far as clothes go, and well, I usually don't get much of anything I think this would be a perfect way to start my kids spring/summer wardrobe, and maybe finish up the baby's diapers! So the name of the game is, you commit/challenge yourself to sew for your kids, for 1 hour each day, for seven days, and then surprise yourself at the end of the week with how much you were able to get done! :) I can't wait to get started! Now I just need to bust butt to get caught up around here on housework, and sewing so that I am caught up and ready to go on May 9th! :) Will you join in too? Follow the link in the title to go to Elsie Marley's blog and check out all the details!

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