Monday, November 1, 2010

You Might Be a CounterCultural Mama If...

This post is inspired by this Post on Mamaeve's blog. :) There were a few things I didn't do and/or didn't agree with, so here is my list!

You might be a countercultural mama if...

1. You breastfeed your children
2. You wear your babies
3. You feed on demand and not on schedule
4. You delayed solids
5. Your babies first foods were something natural, like banana's, avacado's, or squash, etc. given whole, in chunks or mashed instead of something pureed and in a jar.
6. You have ever co-slept in some capacity
7. You have had one or more natural, unmedicated births, one or more of which may have been in the water.
8. You waited for the umbilical cord to stop pulsing before it was clamped
9. You have your chiro, midwife, and herbalist if you have one all on speed dial
10. You believe in Homeopathic medicine over conventional medicine.
11. Your friends look at you like your nuts when you tell them you don't use Johnson and Johnson or some other name brand bath and body products for baby b/c the have a high rating on the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database
12. You use cloth diapers and/or EC (which most of your friends and family also think you are nuts for!)
13. You'd rather make something for your children/friends/loved ones, even if it may cost more, and if it costs you your time b/c there is more love in it, and it will be unique and special.
14. You craft in one way or another.
15. You like to cook from scratch.
16. You believe that making smart choices about what you put in (food) and on (bath products, cosmetics, etc) your body can affect your over all health, well being, and risks for developing cancers and other serious medical conditions.
17. Your children nurse their baby dolls, wear them in baby carries, and change their cloth diapers.
18. Your Baby rear faced past a year
19. You own 3 or more baby carriers
20. You know what amber necklaces are for.
21. You own a wrap and know how to tie it.
22. You have one or more dishes that you make by adding ingredients by sight and memory and not using a recipe.
23. Gardening is considered a family fun learning activity
24. You can hardly get through a reality show about birth without yelling at your tv.
25. When the Hylands Teething Tablet recall was announced you went out and bought as many bottles as you could get!
26. You are aware of America's c-section rate and it makes you sad.
27. You think it's ridiculous that doctors can refuse to take patients who want a v-bac.
28. You think it's ridiculous how many doctors won't allow a v-bac if the mother hasn't had a vaginal delivery before.
29. You think nothing of using the terms penis, foreskin, breast, vagina, vaginal, intact, perineum, and nipple in normal everyday conversation.
30. You nurse without a cover, even if it's only around family and close friends.
31. You don't think there is anything wrong with breastfeeding in public.
32. You selectively vax, or delay vaccinations.
33. You smile and nod at the doctor to avoid being "that" patient, while silently knowing that you will only apply the things you know to be good for your child.
34. You think that educating your children is your responsibility before anyone elses, even if your children go to school.
35. You know that it is your job to teach potty training, discipline, and proper social behavior to your children, not their teachers (if they don't happen to be homeschooled.)
36. Your partner doesn't "babysit" the kids while you go out for whatever reason (on the few rare occassions when you leave the house without even the nursling in tow) he/she co-parents.
37. You prefer natural and homemade items over store-bought
38. You have at least one thing for yourself that you either made yourself, or was handmade.
39. You know what a Diva Cup and Mama cloth are, and possibly own one or the other.
40. You have a paper free, or limited paper household, which may or may not include wipes, toliet paper, paper towels and/or napkins.
41. You reduce, re-use and recycle.
42. You'd rather buy used and save the difference. :)

Feel free to add your own in the comments if you'd like! :)

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