Friday, February 5, 2010

It's amazing to me how one event in someone's life can influence them so greatly, and yet they do. I think we all have them. We all have our beliefs, and our goals, hopes and dreams, but I think at some point in our lives we all have an event or a moment that really solidifies them for us. For me, ironically enough, it was Kismet, a musical I was in, in my sophomore year of high school. I had wanted to sing from a very young age, but was often discouraged by friends and family, always to critical of myself to really sing my best in front of them. Kismet was the first thing I auditioned for that would require me to sing in front of an audience. I was horrified. Being on stage since the age of 3 as a dancer, I was always comfortable there, but as a singer it felt like new territory. I shook so much I could hardly hold my microphone, and you could hear the tremble in my voice. Well, as I usually do, I forged ahead, and this time instead of shrinking back into the shadows, I began to force myself to sing in public any chance I got. Anyways, the reason I mention this, is because, now, as an adult, I see that that musical didn't only shape me. There are so many of my former class mates that were in that production as well, that I see pursuing dreams in entertainment now, that really are truly talented as well, that I know were influenced the same way I was. So to my friends, and Mr. Parrish, I thank you, you helped me realize my dream, even if I haven't been able to accomplish it yet, and I know that even if I never do, we'll always have Kismet.

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