Monday, March 17, 2008

Reflections on "How Did I Get So Busy" by Valerie Burton: Part 1

Faith, Family and Friends form the foundation of fulfillment. What a powerful statement. This book is all about managing our time better so that we are not so "busy" and we have time for the important things in life. It helps teach you to still do the things you want to do, but feel fulfilled, satisfied and well rested instead of busy all of the time. So, Faith, Family, and Friends form the foundation of fulfillment was just a really powerful statement to me. One I want to remember for a long time. There is a pyramid you can use...starting at the bottom with the largest section and moving upward, the sections are...Faith, Family, and Friendships...Self-care...Purposeful Work...Financial Health...Joy. I'm supposed to jot down the area's where I feel overwhelmed, overloaded, and/or overdriven, so here goes...
*Daycare Paperwork
*The Budget
*Trying to Exercise
Then I am supposed to imagine what it would be like if I didn't feel this way...conceiving change, is the first step to birthing change. O.k., so while I was trying to imagine the way this would feel I fell asleep, but I'm back now, and I think it would just be a really calm, content, laid back feeling. Then I am supposed to answer this question in my journal...
Q: What has lead you to your current state of busyness? At the end of this 28 day journey what do you want to be different about your life?

A: I, much like the author, have been a busy body since friends can vouch for me on that. I rarely was not involved in at least two or three things at once, and I loved all the stuff I was involved in...for me, it was more to get out of the house I think. Although I LOVED dance and did it three days a week b/c of it! As I got older, I just kept it going, and when I graduated it was the same story...I took more than full-time college credits, worked over-time whenever I could, coached youth soccer, coached cheerleading...the list goes on...and I am starting to get burnt out! I can't do everything and raise two (or more maybe down the road) children and run a household, run multiple businesses and still do "everything," like I think I sometimes can. At the end of the 28 days I would like to feel more organized, less stressed, like I have time for the things I enjoy to do, time to exercise, time to just relax, and like I have accomplished something everyday.

"One-Minute Meditation: Something better is possible and will unfold over the next 28 days." These meditations are part of the book...join with me in doing them if you'd like to! =)

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